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International Travel Mate specializes in multi country visa's

Studying In Canada requires a study permit. International Travel Mate will assist you in processing the visa so you can be who you want to be.

Bring your parents to Canada. International Travel are experts in looking after all the needs.

This is our specialty, we look after getting your wife or husband to Canada through the proper channels. 

Basically this is Canada's tourist Visa. We look after many of these.

Meant for those who wish to travel as a tourist or visit family and friends to Australia.

Fiance(e) and spouses who will join their partners in Australia on permanent basis should apply for this visa.

Dependent children who wants to be reunited with their parent(s) in Australia should inquire about this visa.

Aspiring students who wants to finish their bachelor or masters degree in Australia should look into this visa.

Meant for those who wish to travel as a tourist or visit family and friends to UK.

This is for those who wants to get married but do not wish to stay in UK permanently.

This is for those family members who wants to be with their love ones that are in UK indefinitely

Meant for those who wish to travel as a tourist or visit family and friends to USA.

To enter America and marry the person of your dreams, then this visa is for you.

This visa is for spouses of American citizens or Legal Permanent Residents.

Children or parents or siblings who wish to be reunited with their family in America should go over this visa. 

Studying and finishing your degree in America is just a few clicks away. Know how by calling us.

If you wish to visit Schengen Countries for 3 months or less then this visa is for you.  The only thing we need to know now is your purpose of going so we could properly guide you what sort of visa to apply.

Long stay is meant for those who want to stay in any of the Schengen nations indefinitely.  Call us for a better understanding of what this visa can do.

We assist in the processing of tourist visas to our fellow Asian countries if required as well as we offer reasonable tour packages to your dream Asian destinations.  Call us and inquire about the details of the processing and the tour.

Learn how to extend or stay in the Philippines.  We also encourage you to visit our renowned diving spots in Cebu.  Call us about the visa for you and diving havens that you can explore.

Know the right visitor visa for you.  There are different types of visa that suits your purpose of travel.  Call and inquire now for more information about your options.

File the right resident visa that best fits the applicant.  We are here to guide you with the appropriate resident visa for the applicant, so call or visit us for more information.

Why International Travel Mate Services Immigration? We specialize in visa processing!

Since our founding, our primary goal has been to provide efficient hands on visa assistance to travelers to major countries worldwide. Our impact speaks louder than our words.



International Travel Mate love helping students achieve their dreams abroad.



We bring loved ones together and use all the legal resources available.



We work closely with Universities and Colleges in USA, Canada and Australia.



International Travel Mate have a great relationship and record with most counties worldwide.

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John Rhykman

( Canada Students Visa )

“Ruby went above the normal process and looked after me like I was the only client. We I recommend this company, yes I would they were awesome!!!.”

Kick Lee

( USA Students Visa )

“I was told this company would look after all my needs for my Visa and they were right. I even received a discount because I mentioned my friend who used their services two years ago.”

Aaron Sabastion

( Australia Students Visa )

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