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Parents who are either an Australian citizen, a holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or an eligible New Zealand citizen can petition their child to Australia by filing the Child Visa.  If the parent can’t petition the child, his/her spouse or de facto partner can petition the child as an alternative sponsor.  Children who are single and are from ages 18 years old below or between 18 to 25 years old but are still considered full time student or those that are considered dependent to the parent due to disability are considered qualified applicants for this visa.

If visa is granted this allows the child to enter Australia and be reunited with his/her parent.  This will grant the child indefinite stay and allows him/her to either continue his/her studies or look for employment.  Apart from that the child will have the privilege to be enrolled in Medicare, sponsor qualified relatives for permanent residency, apply for Australian citizenship if qualified and be able to enter and exit the country multiple times.  Although parents or sponsors must take note that there is a validity of five years from the date the Child Visa is issued meaning the child has to have a different visa after the expiry date for him to be able to travel from and to Australia.

Processing time will take 14 t 20 months and the applicant should be outside Australia by the time the application is submitted likewise when the result is released.  For more information, feel free to call, email or visit our office.  We do FREE assessment to qualified applicants and are willing to entertain questions for better understanding of the procedures when filing a Child Visa.