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What if you get your temporary partner visa and decided to file a visa for your child.  This things happen and a parent would like to know what to do to bring his/her child to Australia.

Dependent child visa is a temporary visa that allows children to enter Australia while their parents are still holding a temporary partner visa or dependent child visa.  For the child to be eligible he/she should be the biological child, stepchild or adopted child of the parent.  The child should be single, under 18 years of age or is totally dependent of their parent, and should be able to meet the health and character requirements.  There is a specific person who can petition the child under this visa.  This sponsor should be the same person who filed for the partner visa of the child’s parent and be willing to support the persons he/she has petitioned.

If granted, apart from entering the country this visa allows the child the opportunity to study and work in Australia.  But do take note that the child will still need to comply the permanent partner visa application before his/her parent’s visa result is released.  Furthermore, if the child has successfully submitted the permanent partner visa application he/she will then be eligible for Medicare.

Processing time for this visa will be from 11 to 15 months depending on the applicant’s circumstance on the time the application is submitted.  For further details, call or email or visit our office for a FREE assessment.  We would gladly entertain all your inquiries regarding the visa and the procedures involved.