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After the proposal and the love of your life joyfully said yes, the next question would be what to do next.  Engaged couples who plan to get married and live in Australia permanently could now begin inquiring about Prospective Marriage Visa.

This visa permits the fiance(e) to enter Australia for marriage and reside permanently in the country.  To be qualified: first and foremost the couple has to be at least 18 years of age and are eligible to marry,  both must have expressed their desire to be wed and are not related by blood.  Lastly both have met and known each other in person.

Our company will do a FREE assessment to determine if both petitioner and applicant qualify for this visa.  We will also explain to both parties the procedure for the entire process and the scope of our work from the start till the result is released.  Our service also involves coordinating with the applicant as to when they will take the medical examination since this is part of the requirement.  But our service does not end there, we will guide the applicant to take the required seminar prior to departure and give last minute reminders on what to do once he/she reaches Australia.

Processing time will take 14 to 17 months depending on the present situation of the applicant and petitioner.  Usual reaction when the couple hears this is that they are in awe and can’t believe it will take that long.  It is understandable to feel that way but there is no need to worry because the embassy has a solution for it.   The applicant can apply for a Visitor Visa while the Prospective Marriage Visa is on process.  The purpose is to give the couple the chance to bond and not be apart from each other long enough to wait for the result.

Once the Prospective Visa is approved, the applicant upon entry is given nine months to stay giving enough time to do the wedding and change his/her status.  Moreover, the visa allows the applicant to work or study in Australia or even travel to different places because this is a multiple entry visa.

For further information, feel free to call or email or better yet visit our office so we can assess you and your partner.