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Partner Visa is intended for spouses or de facto partners of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia and begin the next chapter of their lives as husband and wife.  So what is the difference between a spouse, de facto partner and a fiance(e)?  Simple.

A fiance(e) is someone who plans to have their wedding in Australia.  They process not this visa but the Prospective Marriage Visa.  Once approve then that is the time he/she is allowed to enter Australia for the wedding and be with their soon to be spouses (for more information, click the Prospective Marriage Visa page).  A spouse on the other hand mean they have been married here in the Philippines.  They have the official marriage document to present certifying that they have gone through the marriage ceremony.  Lastly, a de facto partner means that the couple have lived together for at least twelve consecutive months as husband and wife even though they haven’t been wed either in church or court.  A de facto relationship requires that the couple has not separated within the span of years they have been together because of work or for whatever reason.

Partner visa has two stages: first the temporary partner visa (subclass 309) and second the permanent partner visa (subclass 100).  Our service covers the preparation and guidance in the gathering of documentation needed for the first stage.  We assist not just the applicant but also the sponsor and dependents if any for it involves everyone in the process.  Again this requires a medical examination which we will coordinate with the applicant and dependents if any.  As soon as the applicant’s application is approved, he/she will be given a temporary partner visa meaning he/she can fly and live in Australia until a decision is released for the permanent partner visa.

Processing time for temporary partner visa will take 14 – 16 months and yes it is a long wait.  Once more no need to worry, the applicant can apply for a Visitor Visa to give time for the couple to be with each other while waiting for the result.  Give us a call or email us or visit our office so we can discuss further about this visa and do a FREE assessment to qualified applicants.