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Many of our young generations are aiming to study abroad.  Some even consider doing further studies in their respective fields at reputable institutions overseas.  One of the countries they are looking at is Australia because of the location which is near the Philippines.  Australia has been very open to international students wanting to study in their country.  Their government have shown much support in promoting Australian education here in the Philippines..

Our company can help you in achieving your plan of studying in Australia.  We can assist you with the preparation of documents for the visa and even with the processing of your enrollment granting its in one of the schools we are accredited in.  But before anything else, first things first we need to check the eligibility of the applicant.  To be qualified, you have to be duly enrolled at the university you wish to study, you have to secure the required health insurance, and made proper arrangements for your stay for the whole duration of your study.

Question, is it necessary to present financial capacity?  Yes, its a must to provide more than sufficient evidence to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself in Australia.  It is of best interest by the Australian government to make sure that all international students should be able to focus on their studies and not worry about the financial aspect.  They wanted to make sure that the attention and concentration of all students should be on their education and there should be no distractions most particularly money matters.

Processing time will only take between 17 to 77 days depending on the type of stream you are applying for.  We encourage that you visit our office so we can conduct a FREE assessment and better explain to you about the course, processing of visa and the cost involve.