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Canada is welcoming international students to enroll and finish their chosen degrees at any of their known colleges or universities in different provinces.  Interested students who wish to expound their opportunities in studying abroad should choose a course as an initial step.  It is important that the applicant has to be officially enrolled at their desired school before proceeding with the actual visa processing.  Once accepted, the applicant has to secure a health insurance that would cover his/her entire stay in Canada while studying.  Overall, to arrange for the enrollment and visa processing would take time which is advisable to start preparing a year ahead before the school begins.

During the processing of visa, the applicant should be able to meet and satisfy the requirements set by the embassy particularly the financial stability, health requirement, proof of ties and character requirement.  If granted, the length of stay a student is allowed would depend on the course admission plus ninety days to give room to either process the extension if needed or to finalize everything before departing Canada.

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