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Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) allows you to enter Australia as a tourist both for business and pleasure purposes or to visit your family, friends or special someone.  This gives the traveler the opportunity to experience and see what Australia is known for and proud of.  This allows visitors to attend business engagements arranged by companies in Australia.  This visa is also meant for those who want to spend quality time with family members or friends or fiance(e) or even spouse who are residing in Australia.  In addition, the traveler will also get the chance to study short term courses for up to three months.  Travelers should keep in mind that visitor visa does not permit any paid work or to seek employment in Australia.

Visitor visa permits you to stay either 3 months maximum or 6 months maximum or 1 year maximum depending on your intention of travel that would justify the length of stay.  Its the quickest visa to process which only entails one month or even lesser.

To be qualified, the applicant must meet the health and character requirements set by the embassy.  You have to have sufficient funds to support your trip and most importantly your intentions of travelling should fall within what is allowed by the visitor visa.

Your purpose of travel will serve as basis of the requirements that will be submitted to the Embassy and that is how we can assist you.  We do FREE visa assessment to each applicant and explain what to expect during the processing.  Call or email us for the FREE assessment and we are happy to discuss to you the details of the procedure of the visa processing.